Best Math Apps for Kids to Learn and Grow

Learn & Grow With Best Math Apps for Kids

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Teaching your child math is one task to manage with patience and a lot of clever minds. We are pretty sure being a parent you have tried everything humanly possible to teach the subject mathematics. Playing quizzes with your kid during breakfast using kitchen related items, extra homework help, before bed stories or question and answers using math problems, we name it, bet you have already tried them!

Best Math Apps for Kids

Keeping in mind age and the mental growth of a child in a mind; we have handpicked few math apps that can easily be downloaded on your phone. Play, learn and have fun with your children using these apps. DPSG brings you some of the best math apps for kids who have all the reason to hate the subject.

Apps for Your Growing Child

Math Training for Kids

In this app, you will find your child learning mathematics in three difficulty levels with four basic concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Help your child grow strong with math fundamentals with the basics using this app. You can find the app absolutely free on Google Play Store. This is for any nursery children between 3-5 years.

Kids Math

The agenda of this app is to understand the time and wit to answer quickly. Here your child has to pass all the eight levels within a time frame. They have to answer 10 math questions at each of the levels that include fractions and greater than/smaller than numbers. Each of the questions will have 30 seconds time and they have to answer it with the correct ones to which your child will be rewarded with additional four seconds time. It is free on your android phones and it is meant for the play school kid of the age 3 to 5 years.

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Pre School Math Games for Kids

Tracing, counting and reading numbers is a fun and interactive way to learn math. This proves, even more, fun, especially, if your child is between the age group of 2 years to 8 years. This app includes features such as addition, subtraction, sequence patterns and much more. You may find this app on your android play store.

Let’s Do Math

This app keeps your kid occupied with 15 different kinds of exercise in three categories and 50-word problems that focus on addition and subtraction. Find the app free on your android play store for your child above 6 years to teach basic concepts to start with.

Thinking Blocks Multiplication

For iPhone users, this app is meant to learn multiplications. Use the number blocks to solve multiplication word problems. There is six problem-solving models which help your child organize information and visualize the number relationship. It is for the elementary student between the age of 7 to 10 years.

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