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Are We Losing the Art of Listening? 0

Are We Losing the Art of Listening?

But are the students and teachers these days, listening to each other enough? What exactly, is good listening, and why does it matter when it comes to learning? Is “close listening” a doorway to...

poetry 0

World’s Great Poets On World’s Poetry Day

Poetry — one of the most important and time-honored forms of literature in the world — brought us greats like William Shakespeare and W.B. Yeats to ancient poets like Homer and Dante Alighieri to...

Grand Baby Show 0

The Grand Baby Show @ DPSG Sushant Lok

Dear Parents, We cordially invite you to the Grand Baby Show on the 24th March 2018, at the DPSG Sushant Lok- 1 Block- C, Sec- 43, Gurugram. We wish to celebrate the most beautiful phase of...